Tambunan Village Homestay


Tambunan Village Homestay is located in Tambunan Town which is 81 kilometer from Kota Kinabalu. It has a scenic paddy field and bamboo groves, the result of colonial regulations that for every bamboo cut, twenty shoots must be planted.

The majority of the people here are Kadazan Dusun. They are mainly involved in agro farming. The main attraction here is the Rafflesia Conservation Centre, Mahua waterfall and Mount Trus Madi (2,642 meter), The second highest mountain in Malaysia.

Homestay guest are welcomed with ginger herbal drink and sweet potato cake wrapped in a leaf. Come and experience the authentic Kadazandusun simple way of life by being part of Tambunan Village Homestay programme.

Authentic village life in the valley of Tambunan.
Village tour with your host families.
Learn about the history of the old head hunting days.
Enjoy the fresh air and green surrounding of a well preserved environment.
Fish and grill your catch of fresh Telapia.
Collect wild vegetables.
Agro farming.
Join in ginger farming and make fresh herbal ginger drink.
Harvest and learn to make handicrafts made from bamboo.
Bring memories of sing along kadazandusun songs.
Learn to dance the “magarang ” traditional dance of the Kadazandusun
The best way to learn a local language.
Forest walk & picnic at the Mahua waterfall.
Visit to the Rafflesia Conservation center.
Climb Mt.Trus Madi the second highest mountain in Malaysia.
Places of Interest:
Old skulls ; old bamboo houses; Mahua Waterfalls ; Batu gong; Oldest school; Rice fields; oldest school in Tambunan; Chapel
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