Tanak Nabalu Homestay

Tanak Nabalu Homestay is an excellent choice for rest and rejuvenation. Well-known for its proximity to great restaurants and attractions, Tanak Nabalu Homestay makes it easy to enjoy the best of Kota Kinabalu.

Tanak Nabalu Homestay, kampung Lobong-lobong is being awarded for the Excellence Homestay Services 2019 by Sabah Tourism Board recently. It is located at about 650m above sea level  at the foot of the Heritage Mt. Kinabalu, in the district of Kota Belud. It is about 43km from Kota Kinabalu City via Tamparuli-Ranau. Kg. Lobong-lobong also known as “The Lost Village” due to it’s unique and natural beauty.


How did this village get its name?

The Dusun people were once each other's enemies. One day, people from the other village intruded to pick a fight. However they found no one though they could hear the sound of gongs. The enemies gave up searching for the villagers. They left and said that the villagers must be living in the 'Lobong', Lobong means grave. The thick jungle and spritual power that the villagers practised protected them from their enemies!

The homestay packages offers an opportunity to know more about the local culture and to experience the local native life style together with the natural environment and panoramic view of Mt. Kinabalu.


Activities : Traditional music&dance , Traditional food , Native&lifestyle , Kintoki Survival Camp , Jungle tracking(Orchid Trail) , Mountain cycling , Traditional Fishing , Camping (Qiulan Camping site) , Agriculture activities (Rice Field,Pineapple,Rubber Plant)


Places of Interest: Nabalu Handy craft (Pekan Nabalu) Nungkok Mountain Mountain Kinabalu (Kundasang Memorial Park (Kundasang) Desa Milk Farm (Kundasang)

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